Roderick Strong será pai

Roderick Strong e sua namorada Marina Shafir estão esperando o seu primeiro filho. Realmente, um grande mês para o ex-campeão mundial da Ring Of Honor Roderick Strong já que além de se tornar pai, ele é esperado para realizar a sua estreia no NXT em breve e é fortemente especulado como o parceiro misterioso de Austin Aries no Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic.

Shafir e Strong ficaram noivos em dezembro do ano passado. Parabéns ao casal.

❤️❤️❤️ #Repost @marinashafir with @repostapp ・・・ This is REAL life. I simply cannot explain the emotions that have been flooding me and @roderickstrong in the last few weeks. My life has completely flipped a 180. Haha, I showed my mom this video and she started laughing and said to me in Russian, "your eyes are practically popping out of your head!" And she was right. I did not prepare to be a mom (even though, everyone close around me always told me I had the instinct), but I'm on this bandwagon to the end now! I'm going to be starting up my YouTube channel again and vlogging the entire experience. My life the past 5 years did not prepare me for this, or did it? This is my invitation to you, to follow our journey through this pregnancy and maybe beyond..? I'll be posting weekly, see y'all on the other side! 💪🏼👫👶🏼
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