The Rock elogia Nia Jax e afirma que ela é uma das melhores atletas do planeta

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson postou recentemente em sua conta oficial no Instagram um vídeo pós-treino com sua prima Nia Jax.

Durante o vídeo, ele relata seu orgulho por ela estar na WWE e afirma que ela é uma das melhores atletas do planeta além de ser uma futura WWE Women's Champion. Confira abaixo o vídeo em questão:

She ain't like most girls. Me and my cuz @niajaxwwe (Lina) layin' down our post workout 🔥. Really proud of the hard work she's putting in 24/7 to become a real asset and draw for the WWE and their Women's Division which has some of the best female athletes on the planet. Luv spending hours with her chopping it up because she's so coachable & enthusiastic to learn the wrestling business inside and out from me. But what I'm most proud of about Lina's journey is she represents millions of young girls around the world who don't fit the "traditional mold" of what girls in the entertainment industry look like. She's an inspiring example that regardless of your look, height, weight, race, the most powerful thing you can always be is yourself. Because you're perfect. Just keep putting in that hard work and being humble and hungry. We're all rooting for ya. #IronParadise #NiaJax #FutureWWEWomensChamp #WhyBeLikeMostGirls #WhenYouCanBeYourself 👊🏾
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