Falece pai de Lilian Garcia no Natal

Lilian Carcia revelou hoje que seu pai, um coronel aposentado das Forças Armadas dos Estados Unidos, Eduardo Garcia, perdeu sua batalha contra o câncer de bexiga e mieloma múltiplo no dia de Natal.

Ela publicou um anúncio em sua conta oficial do Instagram e do Facebook. No dia 1 de agosto, Garcia anunciou sua saída da WWE devido a querer cuidar de seu pai durante sua batalha contra câncer de bexiga e mieloma múltiplo. Ela retornou no dia 14 de dezembro durante o Tribute Of The Troops, onde ela deu início ao show cantando "The Star-Spangled Banner".

Ela dedicou o seu desempenho no show ao seu pai e assistiu com ele na TV quando o Tribute to the Troops foi ao ar na USA Network na noite seguinte. A House Of Wrestling envia suas sinceras condolências a Lillian Garcia e a toda sua família pela perda de seu pai.

On Christmas Day, heaven welcomed an extraordinary angel in my father, U.S. Army Retired Lt Colonel - Eduardo Garcia. My father fought the battle of his life against terminal cancer giving it all that he had. He was a true soldier to the very end. I’ve been questioning why my dad had to go on Christmas day but this morning, I realized what a truly special gift it was. My father loved Christ, so to go on Christ’s birthday is the biggest blessing ever! And as my father loved to sing and dance, a memory beautifully engrained forever in my mind will be that of the velvet ropes parting for him to join the glorious heavenly party! 🙏🏻 I feel so fortunate to have had so many amazing years with such and incredible man. He shared many special lessons with me. He taught me to be strong yet be ok with showing vulnerability, be happy yet don't shy away from sadness, be yourself & always do it with pride, be organized yet be ok with a mess every now and then, go for your dreams - the sky is the limit, embrace failures as learning’s to succeed, be determined by jumping through challenges like an obstacle course, be compassionate to others and love with your whole heart even if that love doesn't necessarily face you back, above all, don’t take life so seriously, so laugh, laugh, laugh and smile at the world a whole lot! 😀 My entire family truly thanks all of you for all your prayers along this tough journey. They made a HUGE difference!! To honor him, we ask that, if your heart chooses, to please donate to Fisherhouse.org . Their mission is to provide a network of comfort homes where military and veterans’ families can stay at no cost while a loved one is receiving treatment. As a veteran, my father saw the importance of helping soldiers and their families who weren’t quite as fortunate as him, so my family is committed to continuing his cause. Thank you dad for the honor and privilege of being your daughter and for the endless love you gave me. I already miss you so much but know that you will forever be in my heart! I salute you sir! We toast to you, our true inspiration! Te amo papa!❤️
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